Punk Love



Film Title:

Punk Love










Nick Lyon


Luca Callori & Nick Lyon


Chad Lindberg, Emma Bing, Max Perlich, Robert Blanche and Sherylnn Lawson






A tale of two young lovers dreaming to escape their rainy town and abusive families to start a new life in California. But Spike and Sarah's destiny is nothing like the Hollywood ending they were hoping for. Chad Lindberg and Emma Bing star in a Nick Lyon Film.


Pitted against society and her abusive step-father, Sarah (Emma Bing) is a reckless and lost 15 year-old girl, who will do anything to escape the ill-fated realtiy of her existence. Her only glimmer of hope is the unconditional love for her 21 year-old boyfriend Spike (Chad Lindberg). Spike's life has been plagued by disappointment: anything good that has ever happened to him seems to be followed by a dark cloud of misfortune. So is the story of his life.


Pulling off small cons is how Spike and Sarah try to survive. In search of a new life, they move to Portland from their hometown of Camas, Washington, but things only get worse. At first, moving to the City seems like a big opportunity and Spike follows his musical dreams hoping to get a new start on life. He wants to do something with himself. But the story of his life repeats itself, the dark cloud follows him and not only does it rain, but it pours. Shortly after he gets in his first band as a bassist, Sarah, left by herself, is badly beaten by a perverse taxi driver and then hospitalized. When Spike visits her in the hospital, he is placed under arrest by her mother and step-father for statutory rape. Spike is put on trial and sentenced to jail. Sarah is sent back home to her abusive and manipulative step-father.


Six months later, once released from jail and despite the restraining order, Spike goes to Sarah's house to take her away. Unformtunately, things go wrong as usual and an altercation with Sarah's step-father ends with the death of the latter at the hand of an upset Sarah. The two kids must once again flee the City, where they plan to make enough money to go to California.


After a short break from their sad lives living in a luxury hotel, where they promise eternal love to one another, and despite other small cons done and succeeded, Spike and Sarah must return to their reality that seems to have no escapes.


With nowhere to go and no one else in the world to love, Sarah and Spike say goodbye to their families for good and decide to go on wandering by themselves... "till death do us part".