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New Brit-thriller Siren made some provocative distress signals at us, so we put on some tight shorts and went to investigate...

The movie is beautifully shot, nicely paced and features some exciting up-and-coming British talent. It's a welcome return to the simple thriller (think The Descent, Dead Calm and Open Waters) with lashings of sex and violence... If it's a ballsy, bloody massacre with gorgeous women and beautiful scenery you're after, don't go on a personal murdering spree in La Manga, keep an eye out for this one instead.


THE HIDE: A Low Budget Film Masterclass

The Hide should definitely be on the watch list for any budding British film directors. It stands as a masterclass in low budget film-making, and an education in how to write a taut, compelling script, bereft of budget straining scenes, that actually has a proper chance of attracting funding and getting made. Well worth checking out.


Impressive Trailer For Argentinian Crime Thriller CANO DORADO (THE GOLDEN GUN)

Raw stuff, this, almost verite style and bursting with energy. Very nice indeed.


Something Unexpected From Chile

"... Kiltro is the first ever Chilean martial arts film. And it looks like a keeper."


STARFISH HOTEL: "A mind-blowing film!" (english translation)

Think Japanese Twin Peaks and Donnie Darko. Add a sprinkle of film noir and the everyday bizarreness of Haruki Murakami's novels (a cited influence on British-born, Japanese-based director Williams) and you have a film that's handsomely stylish, hypnotically atmospheric and, no question, very weird indeed. The hero, salaryman Yuichi Arisu, compensates for his stultifying job and lifeless marriage by immersing himself in the mystery novels of a certain Jo Kuroda. Enter mysterious encounters with a man in a rabbit suit promoting Kuroda's latest novel, an affair at the Starfish Hotel, a disappearing wife and a brothel. Fans of the offbeat and the surreal will be in their element with Starfish Hotel.



Anna Milikan's Mars is a rapturous joy to watch

Marx, a forgotten Soviet city closed off from the outside world, has been transformed by filmmaker Anna Melikan into Mars, a Felliniesque place caught somewhere between the old Soviet reality and an unknown yet hopeful future.


Boy called Twist is "a powerful and impressive film" - says the Sunday Time

"... a pleasure to watch. The action is pacy, the villains memorable and cruel, the heroes never overplay themselves..."

- Jocelyn Newmarch,