J-Horror remake APARTMENT 1303 3D sold in Japan and Thailand Back

The J-horror remake APARTMENT 1303 3D starring Mischa Barton, Rebecca de Mornay, Julianne Michelle, and directed by MonteCristo President Michael Taverna, is thrilled to announce that the film will soon premiere in Japan and Thailand through I.P.A., where the original APARTMENT 1303 was shot and received wide acclaim.


In the past season, APARTMENT 1303 3D has premiered in the UK, Spain, Indonesia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Vietnam, Australia, France, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Mexico, Scandinavia, India, Cambodia, Middle East, Iran, US, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Turkey. In addition to Japan and Thailand, the film will also soon premiere in Italy, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia.